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Associate Professor Yvette Miller

Associate Professor
Faculty of Health
School of Public Health & Social Work
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Yvette Miller is Associate Professor of Public Health in the School of Public Health and Social Work, Faculty of Health at Queensland University of Technology. Yvette is a specialist in evaluating health and community services from the perspective of the people that use and deliver them, and designing products and services that enable quality healthcare decision making. Her expertise has primarily been applied in maternity, mental health, and alcohol and other drug services.

Yvette's distinguished national and international reputation is based primarily on her theoretical and applied innovations in the field of maternity care. Her work holds women at the centre of maternity care, finding new ways for women to effectively access and engage with maternal and infant health information (health literacy), work with their maternity healthcare providers to select appropriate treatments or management options (shared decision making), and provide feedback on their maternity care processes and outcomes (quality improvement).

Yvette is committed to growing an evidence-base in consumer-centred maternity care that can be readily converted into improved policy and practice for real-world benefits. Most of Yvette's research is applied, and about moving initiatives with proven small-scale effectiveness into field settings to establish their impact. She collaborates with a broad array of health professionals and social and behavioural scientists who share a public health or population-level perspective in planning and conducting research, and a woman-centred and consumer-focused approach to health service delivery and reform. She has received over 9 million dollars in research funding and co-founded the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies and the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey Program. With consumers and other collaborators, Yvette has developed products and systems for consumer-centred public reporting of maternity health service performance and consumer decision making.



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Research areas

Physical activity
Survey methodology
Health services
Patient-centred care
Women's health
Public health and health services
Patient reported outcomes
Maternity care



Name: Associate Professor Yvette Miller
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