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Dr Peter Prentis

Senior Lecturer
Science and Engineering Faculty
Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences
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I am evolutionary geneticist in the School of Earth, Environmental and Biological at QUT. My current research employs a combination of high throughput genomics, bioinformatics and ecological experiments to address questions in human dominated and marine ecosystems. The questions I am currently investigating include the evolutionary genetics of marine species especially sea anemones, the evolution of cnidarian genomes and how plant derived lures influence gene expression and fitness in true fruit flies. My research uses diverse species to answer these questions but mainly sea anemones and pest fruit fly species. My previous research investigated the evolutionary genomics of plant species. This research answered fundamental questions about the genomics of adaptation, the genomics of artificial selection in crops as well as population genetic studies in invasive species.


Research areas

functional genomics
Evolutionary biology
comparative genomics


Name: Dr Peter Prentis
Phone: +61 7 3138 2186


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