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Dr Julie-Anne Carroll

Faculty of Health
School - Public Health and Social Work
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ulie-Anne Carroll, PhD, is a Lecturer in the School of Public Health & Social Work (SPHSW), Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She lectures in the areas of Women’s Health, International Health, the Social Determinants of Health, and Sociology and Health. Her PhD looked at how place of residence acts as a social determinat of health, and how aspects of people and places interact over time to produce inequalities in health. She is interested in how the social, cultural, and geographic spaces that people inhabit influence their lifestyles and consequently their health and well-being. She is currently involved in research projects that use location-based applications on mobile phones and geographic information systems (GIS) to track and record how people interact with urban living environments for the purposes of physical activity. She is also interested in the provision of urban and rural community services that support people who suffer from mental illness, poverty, and food insecurity. 


Key Research interests:

  • Health inequalities, area-effects on health (urban and rural living spaces)
  • Womens Health and Well-Being
  • Social, cultural and environmental influences on health-related behaviours and outcomes
  • Social marketing and communication
  • Qualitative and mixed-method research methods.
  • How online communication affects off-line social and health practices
  • ICTs, Social Media, Online Communication and Health

Research areas

Public health and health services



Name: Dr Julie-Anne Carroll
Phone: +61 7 3138 5803
Fax: +61 7 3138 3369


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