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Sensing Science and Engineering Centre (SEC) Vibration Data

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Two structural columns host the sensors (named A3 and A8) and sensors are mounted on the ceiling slabs of every second floor, i.e. levels 3,5,7 and 9 for both columns.  Most locations measure three axes of acceleration, except for Level 3 Column A8 and Level 7 Column A8 which only measure x axis.

Two additional sites are instrumented, a footbridge leading out of the building and a site to monitor the vibration under a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

The footbridge has a total of 8 axes simultaneously measured with addition to two Acoustic Emmisions (AE) sensors monitoring the bridge support and mid span.

The TEM has a three-axis accelerometer mounted under the concrete and rubber slab the microscope is mounted to and monitors the vibration the microscope is exposed to.

Samples are simultaneously sampled at each location and different sample sites are triggered via a central location to minimise clock drift.

Data is sampled at 2000 samples per second per axis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and logged into csv files.  In total there are 31 Axes of data collected throughout the building.

Data is uploaded from the data collection server to the storage server in 30 minute intervals.  Data is stored in "g's".

National Instruments NI-9234 module acquiring data at 2KHz, anti-aliasing filter at 900Hz.

Software specifically written to collect, organise and store data onto QUT's storage systems.

Time stamped vibration data from multiple locations throughout the Science and Engineering Centre building on the Gardens Point campus of Queensland University of Technology.  Files are stored in Comma Separated Values (.csv). 

At approximately 90MB/hour/channel, software is required that can handle large datasets such as Mathworks MATLAB or National Instruments DIAdem.

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Access to the data is mediated by the Visualisation and Interactive Solutions for Engagement and Research (VISER) group. edit

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Construction Materials
Infrastructure Engineering and Asset Management
Structural Engineering
Spatial Data
Construction Engineering
Water Quality Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Transport Engineering
Civil Geotechnical Engineering
Earthquake Engineering
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Files are stored in Comma Separated Values (.csv).


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From 01-01-2012 to 2019


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