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BaT (Bus and Train) Tunnel Challenge, Queensland

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This dataset was derived from the Geosciences Australia Railway 250k Geodata (Series 3) through the Spatial Information Resource (SIR) environment. The QLD_CON2_INNERCITYRAIL_P_20140922_A, dataset points were extracted from SIR - BUILT.AUS_RAILWAYSTOP_250K_P 22/09/2014. The QLD_CON2_INNERCITYRAIL_L_20140922_A, dataset polylines were extracted from SIR - BUILT.AUS_RAILWAY_250K 22/09/2014. QLD_CON2_TRANSCHALLENGE_R_20140922_A (MERIVALE BRIDGE).  This polygon was created from a SIR extraction on 22/09/2014 (PROP.QLD.CADASTRE_LOTBDY) of the area of interest.

The polygon QLD_CON2_TRANSCHALLENGE_R_20140922_A (CULTURAL CENTRE BUS PRECINCT) was digitised using the QLD Globe 22/09/2014. QLD_CON2_TRANSCHALLENGE_R_20140922_A (CAPTAIN COOK BRIDGE) was digitised by tracing the roads boundary extracted from SIR (BUILT.Roads) on 22/09/2014.

This dataset is used in conjunction with other datasets in The Cube Globe G20 visualisation project. This project provides information on construction through opportunities such as the BaT (Bus and Train) project. The BaT (Bus and Train) project is a proposed new five kilometre north-south tunnel in Brisbane that is set to integrate rail and bus in a world-first design.

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153.552920,-26.777500 152.452799,-26.777500 152.452799,-28.037280 153.552920,-28.037280 153.552920,-26.777500

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