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Michael Warren

Research Associate
Science and Engineering Faculty
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
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Michael Warren received his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics, Hons Class I) at the University of Queensland in November 2008. This included the development of a number of robots including a maze solving Micromouse and the completion of an internship at the CSIRO Autonomous Systems Lab where he developed a small, off-road robot for research applications and an automated docking system for long term autonomous operations. He is currently completing his PhD at the Queensland University of Technology, working on transferring metric visual SLAM to airborne platforms for online visual pose estiamtion and high density mapping applications.

Michael's research interests lie in using robots and computer vision to solve a number of commercial and environmental problems, from accurate agricultural surveying to animal population monitoring. His key robotic interests include outdoor robots such as UAVs and underwater vehicles. His vision interests lie in high density mapping and texturing of outdoor environments, as well as data gathering for upstream scientific monitoring.



Author publications, as listed on QUT ePrints http://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Warren,_Michael.html

Research areas

Robotics and Aerospace Systems
Artifical Intelligence and Image Processing
Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics


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