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Australian creative employment (Census extracts)

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Census employment and income data for persons working in creative industries and creative occupations.

This dataset consists of 14 individual datasets that underpin the interactive dashboards on the project's Data Tables webpage. 

Project background:

Australian cultural and creative activity: A population and hotspot analysis is an Australian Research Council Linkage project (LP160101724) being undertaken by QUT and the University of Newcastle, in partnership with Arts Queensland, Create NSW, Creative Victoria, Arts South Australia and the Western Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. 

This comprehensive project aims to grasp the contemporary dynamics of cultural and creative activity in Australia. It brings together population-level and comparative quantitative and qualitative analyses of local cultural and creative activity. The project will paint a complete national picture, while also exploring the factors that are producing local and regional creative hotspots.

Creative hotspots for study were selected in consultation with state research partners:

  • Queensland – Cairns, Sunshine Coast + Noosa, Gold Coast, Central West Queensland
  • New South Wales – Coffs Harbour, Marrickville, Wollongong, Albury
  • Victoria – Geelong + Surf Coast, Ballarat, Bendigo, Wodonga
  • Western Australia – Geraldton, Fremantle, Busselton, Albany + Denmark
  • South Australia  – to be confirmed shortly

Statistical summaries drawn from a diverse range of data sources including the Australian Census, the Australian Business Register, IP Australia registration data, infrastructure availability lists and creative grants and rights payments as well as our fieldwork, inform hotspot reports.

Geographical area of data collection

159.287222,-9.187026 110.951034,-9.187026 110.951034,-54.833766 159.287222,-54.833766 159.287222,-9.187026


Cunningham, Stuart & McCutcheon, Marion (2021) Rearticulating the creative industries-STEM relationship: the case of innovation precincts in South Australia. Creative Industries Journal. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/212494/
Kerrigan, Susan, Ryan, Mark David, McIntyre, Phillip, Cunningham, Stuart, & McCutcheon, Marion (2020) The creative sustainability of screen business in the Australian regions. Studies in Australasian Cinema, 14(2), pp. 111-129. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/204440/
Flew, Terry & Kirkwood, Katherine (2021) The impact of COVID-19 on cultural tourism: Art, culture and communication in four regional sites of Queensland, Australia. Media International Australia, 178(1), 16– 20. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/204720/
Cunningham, Stuart, McCutcheon, Marion, Hearn, Greg, & Ryan, Mark David (2021) 'Demand' for culture and 'allied' industries: policy insights from multi-site creative economy research. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 27(6), pp. 768-781. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/206893/
For a list of other publications produced during this project, please visit the following link: https://research.qut.edu.au/creativehotspots/publications/

Research areas

Literary studies
Communication and media studies
Other creative arts and writing
Distributed computing and systems software
Library and information studies
Art history, theory and criticism
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, language and history
Cultural studies
Creative employment
Creative economy
Screen and digital media
Creative and professional writing
Pacific Peoples culture, language and history
Performing arts
Other language, communication and culture
Te ahurea, reo me te hītori o te Māori (Māori culture, language and history)
Graphics, augmented reality and games
Creative industries

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Cunningham, Stuart; Hearn, Greg; McCutcheon, Marion; Ryan, Mark; Collis, Christy; McIntyre, Philip; Kerrigan, Susan; (2022): Australian creative employment (Census extracts). Queensland University of Technology. (Dataset) https://doi.org/10.25912/RDF_1652873171323

Related information

QUT Digital Media Research Centre https://research.qut.edu.au/dmrc/

Partner institution

Professor Christy Collis, University of Southern Queensland https://staffprofile.usq.edu.au/Profile/Christy-Collis
Associate Professor Susan Kerrigan, University of Newcastle https://research.qut.edu.au/creativehotspots/staff/susan-kerrigan/
Associate Professor Philip McIntyre, University of Newcastle https://research.qut.edu.au/creativehotspots/staff/philip-mcintyre/

Data file types

Interactive dashboards were created using Tableau Public and Microsoft Excel (xlsx).


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA)


© Queensland University of Technology, University of Newcastle, 2022.

Dates of data collection

From 2011 to 2016


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Greg Hearn  (Researcher)
Marion McCutcheon  (Researcher)
Mark Ryan  (Researcher)
Stuart Cunningham  (Researcher)


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