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A method for increasing electroporation competence of Gram-negative clinical isolates by Polymyxin B nonapeptide

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These data consist of a list of bacterial colony-forming unit counts recovered under different conditions. Experiments were repeated 3 times independently. Data were plotted using Prism GraphPad. These data form part of a research project which aims to investigate the effect of a cationic peptide polymyxin B nonapeptide on bacterial DNA electrotransformation.

Geographical area of data collection

153.005580,-27.433983 153.051586,-27.433983 153.051586,-27.455159 153.005580,-27.455159 153.005580,-27.433983


Jilong Qin, Yaoqin Hong, Karthik Pullela et al. A method for increasing electroporation competency of Gram-negative clinical isolates by Polymyxin B nonapeptide, 12 January 2022, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square. http://dx.doi.org/https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-1248341/v1

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Qin, Jilong; Hong, Yaoqin; Pullela, Karthik ; Morona, Renato; Henderson, Ian R. ; Totsika, Makrina ; (2022): A method for increasing electroporation competence of Gram-negative clinical isolates by Polymyxin B nonapeptide. Queensland University of Technology. (Dataset) https://doi.org/10.25912/RDF_1659674269154

Partner institution

Associate Professor Renato Morona, University of Adelaide https://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/renato.morona
Dr Karthik Pullela, University of Queensland https://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/24679
Professor Ian Henderson, University of Queensland https://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/22530

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GraphPad Prism (.pzfx)


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© Queensland University of Technology, 2005.

Dates of data collection

From 2021-10-01 to 2022-06-05


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Makrina Totsika  (Researcher)


Name: Dr Jilong Qin


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Published - Open Access