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Epistemic Reflexivity - Teacher Education about/to/for Diversity (ER-TED) framework

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This dataset comprises a framework that is a visual representation of epistemic reflexivity.  It is referred to as 'Epistemic Reflexivity - Teacher Education about/to/for Diversity (ER-TED) framework'.  Epistemic reflexivity (Lunn, Ferguson & Ryan, 2017) combines two theoretical approaches: epistemic cognition (Chinn et al., 2011 & 2014) and reflexivity (Archer, 2012).


1. Archer, M. (2012). The reflexive imperative in late modernity. GB: Cambridge University Press - M.U.A.

2. Chinn, C.A., Buckland, L.A., & Samarapungavan, A. (2011). Expanding the dimensions of epistemic cognition: Arguments from philosophy and psychology. Educational Psychologist, 46, 141-167. https://doi.org/10.1080/00461520.2011.587722

3. Chinn, C. A., Rinehart, R. W., & Buckland, L. A. (2014). Epistemic cognition & evaluating information: Applying the AIR model of epistemic cognition. In D. Rapp & J. Braasch (Eds.), Processing inaccurate information: Theoretical & applied perspectives from cognitive science & the educational sciences (pp. 425-453). MIT Press.

4. Jo Lunn Brownlee, Leila E. Ferguson & Mary Ryan (2017) Changing Teachers' Epistemic Cognition: A New Conceptual Framework for Epistemic Reflexivity, Educational Psychologist, 52:4, 242-252, DOI: 10.1080/00461520.2017.1333430

The framework is downloadable in .pdf format.

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Rowan, Leonie, Bourke, Terri, L'Estrange, Lyra, Lunn, Joanne, Ryan, Mary, Walker, Susan, & Churchward, Peter (2021) How does Initial Teacher Education Research frame the challenge of preparing future teachers for student diversity in schools?: A systematic review of literature. Review of Educational Research, 91(1), pp. 112-158. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/205541/
Lunn, Joanne, Rowan, Leonie, Ryan, Mary, Walker, Susan, Bourke, Terri, & Churchward, Peter (2019) Researching teacher educators' preparedness to teach to and about diversity: investigating epistemic reflexivity as a new conceptual framework. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 47(3), pp. 230-250. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/122509/
Ryan, Mary, Bourke, Terri, Lunn, Joanne, Rowan, Leonie, Walker, Susan, & Churchward, Peter (2019) Seeking a reflexive space for teaching to and about diversity: Emergent properties of enablement and constraint for teacher educators. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 25(2), pp. 259-273. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/122540/
Ryan, Mary, Rowan, Leonie, Lunn, Joanne, Bourke, Terri, L'Estrange, Lyra, Walker, Susan, & Churchward, Peter (2020) Teacher education and teaching for diversity: a call to action. Teaching Education. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/205775/

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Lunn Brownlee, Jo; Ryan, Mary; Rowan, Leonie; Bourke, Terri; Walker, Sue; L'Estrange, Lyra; Churchward, Peter; Johansson, Eva; Berge, Anita; (2021): Epistemic Reflexivity - Teacher Education about/to/for Diversity (ER-TED) framework. Queensland University of Technology. (Theoretical framework) https://doi.org/10.25912/RDF_1624502132194

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