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Daily average physico-chemical and flow data from the SERF supersite

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Physico-chemical parameters of the surface water from two permanent sampling sites on the Samford Creek, southeast Queensland, Australia, are determined. The parameters include temperature, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. In addition, a velocity Doppler measures flow rate and creek height at these two locations. This data is collected continuously and averaged over 10-minute intervals to investigate the effects of land use change, in particular urbanisation, on the aquatic system in a peri-urban environment. hown here are daily averages of the 10-minute data. Further, the data will be used to validate a catchment hydrological model of the area using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), which will simulate the effects of different land use scenarios on the catchment water balance and nutrient fluxes.

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Geographical area of data collection

Samford Ecological Research Facility, Queensland, Australia


Labadz, Martin (2012) A catchment modelling approach integrating surface and groundwater processes, land use and distribution of nutrients : Elimbah Creek, southeast Queensland. PhD by Publication, Queensland University of Technology. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/60017/
Labadz, Martin, Grigorescu, Micaela, & Cox, Malcolm E. (2010) Modelling surface and shallow groundwater interactions in an ungauged subtropical coastal catchment using the SWAT model, Elimbah Creek, southeast Queensland, Australia. In Proceedings of the 19th World Congress of Soil Science : Soil Solutions for a Changing World, International Union of Soil Sciences, Brisane, QLD, pp. 52-55. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/59443/

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land use change
surface water

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From 2012-04-12 to 2012-08-12


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