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World Beef and Veal Production in 2012

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This dataset was derived from information provided by the Australian Government, Department of Agriculture from report 143, World beef and veal production, by country.

In deriving data to create a shape file visualising the information, the following considerations were made: a Carcass weight equivalent. b Excludes Hong Kong. c Regarded as 27 countries. The raw data was sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Livestock Products, Australia, cat. no. 7215.0, Canberra; Meat and Wool Economic Service of New Zealand, Annual Review of the New Zealand Sheep and Beef Industry, Wellington; United States Department of Agriculture, Production, Supply and Distribution Database, Washington DC; United States Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade, Foreign Agricultural Service Circular, Washington DC.

This dataset is used in conjunction with other datasets in The Cube Globe G20 visualisation project. This project provides information on Queensland agriculture through case studies from the horticulture and agriculture industries including fruit and vegetable, sugar and beef exports.

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