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Maps showing the dengue incidence rates by SLA over four time periods between 1993 and 2012

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We obtained computerised and anonymous notification data (data that does not contain any identifiers such as name, street and house number or Medicare number or other medical insurance number) on locally-acquired dengue cases from January 1993 to June 2012 (approximately 20 years) for the study area from the CDB, Queensland Health. Dengue data included date of notification, age group (e.g., <1, 1–4, 5–9, 10–14 etc.), gender, post code of residence and statistical local area (SLA) (census unit) name. SLA is an Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) defined area which consists of one or more collection districts (the smallest geographical unit) in Australian census. Therefore, we have analysed the data based on age group.

Most mosquito-borne diseases exhibit spatial and temporal variations in their distribution. Spatial analyses using geostatistics such as spatial autocorrelations, variograms, interpolations, and temporal analyses using chi-squared statistics and time series models are commonly applied to highlight patterns of disease incidence.

The figures are maps showing the dengue incidence rates by SLA over different periods (A: 1993–1997, B: 1998–2002, C: 2003–2007 and D: 2008–2012).

Location of data collection

153.552920,-9.929730 137.994575,-9.929730 137.994575,-29.178588 153.552920,-29.178588 153.552920,-9.929730


Naish S, Dale P, Mackenzie JS, McBride J, Mengersen K, Tong S (2014) Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Locally-Acquired Dengue Transmission in Northern Queensland, Australia, 1993?2012. PLoS ONE 9(4): e92524. http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0092524

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Dengue fever
Population biology
Environmental epidemiology
Viral diseases
Infectious disease epidemiology
Spatial epidemiology
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Naish, Suchithra; Dale, Pat; Mackenzie, John S.; McBride, John; Mengersen, Kerrie; Tong, Shilu (2014): Maps showing the dengue incidence rates by SLA over different periods (A: 1993?1997, B: 1998?2002, C: 2003?2007 and D: 2008?2012). Figure_5.tif. PLOS ONE.


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Dates of data collection

From 1993 to 2012


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