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Synthesis, Characterization and Electronic Structure Studies of Cubic Bi1.5ZnTa1.5O7 for Photocatalytic Applications

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The data depicts the synthesis and use a Bi1.5ZnTa1.5O7 photocatalysts prepired via a sol gel method. The data follows the calcination of the sample to understand how the crystal structure evolves.

Figure 1 shows the BZT structure assuming random (a) or ordered solid solutions (b).Figure 2shows the TG/DTG profile of the as prepaired gel as it is heated from 25 to 1000∘C. Figure 3 shows the IES spectra of the gel as it is heated. Figure 4 shows the mass spectrum cures of the evolved gasses from the TGA experiment. Figure 5 shows the SEM micrographs of the gel after is has been heated at various temperatures. Figure 6 shows XRD patterns synthesised samples in comparison to known JCPDF cards. Figure 7 shows the Raman spectra of heated samples. Figure 8 shows the UV-Vis spectra of the prepaired samples. Figure 9 shows the uv-vis spectra of decomposed dye using BZT photocatalysts prepaired at various temperatures. Figure 10 shows density of states for ordered solid solutions.

Geographical area of data collection

153.029653,-27.478356 153.029781,-27.478185 153.030254,-27.477747 153.027292,-27.474930 153.026134,-27.475767 153.027893,-27.478661 153.029181,-27.478737 153.029481,-27.478547 153.029653,-27.478356


Perenlei, Ganchimeg, Alarco, Jose A., Talbot, Peter C., & Martens, Wayde N. (2015) Synthesis, characterization, and electronic structure studies of cubic Bi1.5ZnTa1.5O7 for photocatalytic applications. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2015, Article ID 349030. http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2015/349030

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Perenlei,Ganchimeg; Alarco,Jose ; Talbot,Peter ; Martens,Wayde . (2017): Synthesis, Characterization and Electronic Structure Studies of Cubic Bi1.5ZnTa1.5O7 for Photocatalytic Applications. [Queensland University of Technology]. https://doi.org/10.4225/09/5885a6b42e79b

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From 2015-11-10 to 16 May 2015


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