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Mr Thomas Noble

PhD student
Science and Engineering Faculty
School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences
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Tom Noble is currently a Phd Student in the Centre for Tropical and Biocommodities (CTCB) working on bacterial diseases of mungbeans on and industry based scholarship from the Australian Mungbean Association. He previously worked as a research assistant on a Queensland Government funded project for the improvement of tropical pulses in Queensland from 2014. In this role, he helped develop the mungbean NAM population and assessed mungbean genetic diversity using next generation sequencing.

Prior to working at the CTCB Tom received his BS in Biotechnology Innovation at QUT. Following his studies, Tom worked in a number of commercial based agricultural labs for companies such as SGS and Monsanto gaining a broad knowledge of the relationship between scientific research and industry.


Research areas

Pseudomonas Savastanoi Phaseolicola
Plant breeding
SNP markers
Crop and pasture production
Breeding population
Halo Blight disease
Plant biology

Related information

Tropical Pulses for Queensland, Queensland Government http://era.daf.qld.gov.au/id/eprint/5863/


Has association with
Brett Williams  (Researcher)
Sagadevan Mundree  (Researcher)
Is principal investigator of
Next generation mungbean SNP markers  (Research data set)

Collaborators/Industry partners

Australian Mungbean Association http://www.mungbean.org.au/
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland Government https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/



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