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Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF) Water Quality data

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Water quality data from two permanent sampling sites on the Samford Creek, southeast Queensland, Australia.
Data parameters include major cations and anions, plus total inorganic and organic nitrogen and phosphorus.

This data is sampled to investigate the effects of land use change, in particular urbanisation, on the aquatic system in a peri-urban environment.
Further, the data will be used to validate a catchment hydrological model of the area using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), which will simulate the effects of different land use scenarios on the catchment water balance and nutrient fluxes.

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Geographical area of data collection

152.907387,-27.349169 152.830773,-27.349169 152.830773,-27.391806 152.907387,-27.391806 152.907387,-27.349169

Research areas

Environmental science and management
Urban and regional planning
Agriculture, land and farm management

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Labadz, Martin (2013): Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF) Water Quality data. Queensland University of Technology. (Dataset) https://doi.org/10.4225/09/5885933b69464

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From 2011-12-01 to 2013-12-02


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Martin Labadz  (Researcher)


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