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Human bone marrow-derived stromal cell behaviour after pre-conditioned sub-lethal irradiation

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Direct bone marrow injection of cells into murine marrow cavities is used in a range of cell characterization assays and to develop disease models. While human bone marrow-derived stromal cells (hBMSC, also known as mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)) are frequently described in therapeutic applications, or disease modeling, their behavior following direct injection into murine bone marrow is poorly characterized. Herein, we characterized hBMSC engraftment and persistence within the bone marrow of NOD-scid interleukin (IL)-2γ-/- (NSG) mice with or without prior 2 Gy total-body γ-irradiation of recipient mice.

Geographical area of data collection

All data was collected in Brisbane, Queensland at either the Translational Research Institute or the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation.


Nowlan, Bianca, Futrega, Kathryn, Williams, Elizabeth Deborah, & Doran, Michael Robert (2021) Human bone marrow-derived stromal cell behavior when injected directly into the bone marrow of NOD-scid-gamma mice pre-conditioned with sub-lethal irradiation. Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 12(1), Article number: 231. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/209604/

Research areas

Xenograft mouse models
Bone marrow-derived stromal cells
Bone marrow stromal cells
Mesenchymal stem cell
Mesenchymal stromal cell
Haemopoietic stem cells

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Doran, Michael; Williams , Elizabeth; Futrega, Katarzyna; (2021): Human bone marrow-derived stromal cell behaviour after pre-conditioned sub-lethal irradiation. Queensland University of Technology. (Dataset) https://doi.org/10.25912/RDF_1636694337751

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Translational Research Institute (TRI) https://www.tri.edu.au/

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Data includes Spectrum In Vivo Imaging System, flow cytometery and histology data and the exported analysis of these data sets.


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Dates of data collection

From 2016-01-11 to 2021-04-11


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Elizabeth Williams  (Researcher)
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