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Social citizenship and employment for secondary school students: School student survey data

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892 surveys were conducted covering topics such as employment experiences and knowledge of workplace rights and responsibilities at work and patterns of current employment. Two thirds of survey participants (579) were year 9 students and one third of participants (313)were year 11 students. Participants were from 19 high schools (3 Catholic, 16 State) from metropolitan, regional and rural Queensland. The last survey question was an open question which invited students to write an essay on how they saw work, family and leisure time in the future. There is a total of 100 variables per participant.

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138.577423,-10.746969 155.188751,-10.746969 155.188751,-29.075375 138.577423,-29.075375 138.577423,-10.746969


McDonald, Paula K., Bailey, Janis, Pini, Barbara, & Price, Robin A. (2010) Social citizenship and employment for secondary school students. http://eprints.qut.edu.au/32249/2/YOUTH_REPORT_TO_INDUSTRY_PARTNERS_e_Print_version.pdf

Research areas

social citizenship at work
youth employment
school to work transition
Industrial Relations
industrial relations
patterns of employment

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