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Automatic Ontology Learning and Data Reasoning in Web Mining

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This research has an impact on both research and practical applications. In research, it provides opportunities for research students to carry out research using both data mining and data reasoning to solve Web based application problems. In practice, it can help IT industry to design the new generation of Web mining systems in order to provide invaluable services to users. This research also develops new techniques for data automatic processing within areas of smart information use in Australia. In particular it further develops data mining techniques by introducing data reasoning models for using discovered knowledge. It will enable improvements of the efficiency of the existing data mining systems.**Grantor:Australian Research Council (ARC)**External Ref:DP0556455

Research areas

Web mining
Conceptual Modelling
Data mining
Data reasoning
Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing not elsewhere classified
Information filtering
Natural Language Processing,
Web intelligence


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Yuefeng Li  (Researcher)


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