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Worksamples made by children during and after completing mathematics activities.

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Artifacts produced by children engaged in working mathematics activities in the classroom. The artifacts include worksamples such as posters, exhibits and completed worksheets and exercises. The collection of worksamples are in a combination of physical and digital format, as well as some digital documentation of physical artifacts.

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Apply to the Primary Contact to negotiate access to the digital and physical objects.

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142.330080,-21.176318 155.865237,-21.176318 155.865237,-31.250002 142.330080,-31.250002 142.330080,-21.176318

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teaching practices
teacher education
Secondary Education
mathematics education
science education
Primary Education (excl. Maori)
beginning teachers
subject matter knowledge

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Watters, James (2010): Worksamples made by children during and after completing mathematics activities.. Queensland University of Technology. (Collection) https://doi.org/10.4225/09/587daf4cf1dc7

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