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Emeritus Professor Nathan Efron

Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Health
School - Optometry and Vision Science
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Professor Efron’s current research involves an investigation of novel non-invasive ophthalmic markers of diabetic neuropathy. Specifically, he monitors deterioration and regeneration of the structure and function of nerve fibres in the cornea and retina of diabetic patients suffering from neuropathy, by using state-of-the-art ophthalmic technology such as corneal confocal microscopy,non-contact corneal aesthesiometry, optical coherence tomography, and flicker-field perimetry. At QUT, Professor Efron has received funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council, JDRF International, and the George Weaber Foundation Trust.

Professor Efron has won a number of prestigious awards, including 1997: the Optician journal’s ‘Contribution to Optics’ award (UK); 2001: the Gold Medal of the British Contact Lens Association (UK) and 2003: the Max Schapero Award (USA).

Professor Efron completed his Bachelor of Science (Optometry) and PhD at the University of Melbourne in 1981, and after two years of post-doctoral studies in Berkeley, USA and UNSW, he returned to Melbourne as lecturer, then senior lecturer responsible for contact lens education. In 1990, he took up the foundation Chair of Clinical Optometry at the University of Manchester, England and established a contact lens research and consultancy unit known as Eurolens Research. Professor Efron returned to Australia in 2006 and joined the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and the School of Optometry at QUT as Research Professor.


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