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South East Queensland terrestrial ecological condition survey data

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These data consist of biological condition surveys taken to assess the ecological condition, vegetation composition and structure, and disturbance, as well as recordings of site images and acoustics measurements of regional ecosystems in South East Queensland. Data collection was within the South East Queensland bioregion, Australia.

12.11.5e sites (spotted gum open forest) were situated either around the Brisbane/Gold Coast region or the Gympie region. 12.5.3 sites (scribbly gum open forest/woodland) were situates in the Sunshine Coast/Caboolture region. All sites were designated by UTM coordinates using GDA 94 map datum and map spheroid GRS 80. The BioCondition surveys were conducted between August 2011 and March 2012 in Brisbane, and March 2013 in Gympie for 12.11.5e, and between June 2013 and December 2013 for 12.5.3. Transects were marked and assessed for 10 site-based attributes including number of large trees, recruitment of canopy species, tree canopy height, native tree richness, tree canopy cover, native shrub canopy cover, non-native plant cover, native plant species richness of shrubs, grass and non-grass species, course woody debris, native grass cover and organic litter. The vegetation condition was recorded for the same plots in the condition survey. A complete species list by full botanical name was compiled for each transect, as well as vegetation types, median height, height range, total percentage cover, and key species percentage cover. A disturbance and land management survey was also conducted for each site assessing storm damage, road works, fire, grazing, logging, ringbarking, erosion, weed cover and feral presence.

The data are in the form of ecological condition spreadsheets, vegetation structure and composition spreadsheets, disturbance spreadsheets, images and acoustic recordings (xlsx,jpeg,mpeg). This research is conducted as part of the research activity, "An assessment of ecological condition as a surrogate for biodiversity." Documentation will take the form of a future thesis, to be submitted in 2015.

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153.552920,-26.777500 152.452799,-26.777500 152.452799,-28.037280 153.552920,-28.037280 153.552920,-26.777500
152.692436,-26.159574 152.636012,-26.159574 152.636012,-26.207124 152.692436,-26.207124 152.692436,-26.159574


Tucker, David, Gage, Stuart H., Williamson, Ian, & Fuller, Susan (2014) Linking ecological condition and the soundscape in fragmented Australian forests. Landscape Ecology, 29(4), pp. 745-758. http://eprints.qut.edu.au/70754/

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Landscape Ecology
BioCondition surveys
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vegetation composition and structure
ecological condition
Spatial Data
disturbance survey

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From 2011-01-01 to 2013-12-31


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