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Dr Susan Fuller

Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Science and Engineering Faculty
Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences
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Research discipline: Sustainable Environments
Research program: Ecology

Large areas of Australia are experiencing sustained anthropogenic pressure, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. I am passionate about protecting our ecosystems and biodiversity through the use of interdisciplinary and innovative technological approaches in ecological research. I have a particular interest in using ecoacoustic innovations to monitor changes in ecosystem health and impacts on biodiversity.

I am a level 3 Mentoring Postgraduate Supervisor and current student projects in my research group include:

  • Evolution of intra and intersexual signalling in two frog species, Litoria wilcoxii and Litoria jungguy
  • Acoustic signalling and subspecies divergence in two Australasian treecreeper species (Climacteris picumnus and Cormobates leucophaea).
  • Evaluation of faunal biodiversity in urban restoration
  • Conservation biology of threatened native olives (genus Notelaea) in southern Queensland
  • Using ecoacoustic monitoring to monitor biodiversity and guide urban development in peri-urban settings
  • An examination of the influence of landscape structure on insectivorous bats and birds in cotton

Research areas

molecular ecology
invasive pest species management
molecular systematics
Environmental science and management
conservation biology
population ecology
Evolutionary biology
wildlife management


Name: Dr Susan Fuller
Phone: +61 7 3138 2497
Fax: +61 7 3138 1535


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