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Dr Emma Bolderson

Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Health
School of Biomedical Sciences
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Dr Emma Bolderson is the leader of the Molecular Biology of Ageing group at QUT. Dr Bolderson gained her PhD in cancer cell biology from the University of Sheffield, UK in 2005. Dr Bolderson’s team strives to identify the cellular mechanisms that drive the ageing process and ageing-related diseases, such as cancer. The teams expertise are diverse, encompassing the mechanisms by which our cells detect and repair DNA damage, DNA structure, cell metabolism, drug design and development. The team collaborates with Australian and international researchers to increase our knowledge and understanding of how our cells degenerate as we get older, enabling us to identify pathways that can be targeted to prevent or alleviate the diseases that are prevalent in ageing humans to increase our health lifespan.



Author publications, as listed on QUT ePrints https://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Bolderson,_Emma.html

Research areas

Oncology and carcinogenesis
Biochemistry and cell biology

Collaborators/Industry partners

Centre for Genomics and Personalised Health https://research.qut.edu.au/cgph/



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