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COMMD4-mediated chromatin regulation: peptide-mapping and mutagenesis data

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Genomic stability is critical for normal cellular function and its deregulation is a universal hallmark of cancer. Here, we outline a previously undescribed role of COMMD4 in maintaining genomic stability, by regulation of chromatin remodelling at sites of DNA double-strand breaks. At break-sites, COMMD4 binds to and protects histone H2B from monoubiquitination by RNF20/RNF40. DNA damage-induced phosphorylation of the H2A-H2B heterodimer disrupts the dimer allowing COMMD4 to preferentially bind H2A. Displacement of COMMD4 from H2B allows RNF20/40 to monoubiquitinate H2B and for remodelling of the break-site. Consistent with this critical function, COMMD4-deficient cells show excessive elongation of remodelled chromatin and failure of both non-homologous-end-joining and homologous recombination.

We present peptide-mapping and mutagenesis data for the potential molecular mechanisms governing COMMD4-mediated chromatin regulation at DNA double-strand breaks. 

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Suraweera, Amila, Gandhi, Neha S., Beard, Sam, Burgess, Joshua T., Croft, Laura V., Bolderson, Emma, Naqi, Ali, Ashton, Nicholas W., Adams, Mark N., Savage, Kienan I., Zhang, Shu Dong, O’Byrne, Kenneth J., & Richard, Derek J. (2021) COMMD4 functions with the histone H2A-H2B dimer for the timely repair of DNA double-strand breaks. Communications Biology, 4, Article number: 484. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/210226/

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Medicinal and biomolecular chemistry
Biochemistry and cell biology
Oncology and carcinogenesis

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Suraweera, Amila; Gandhi, Neha S.; Beard, Sam; Burgess, Joshua T.; Croft, Laura V.; Bolderson, Emma; Naqi, Ali; Ashton, Nicholas W.; Adams, Mark N.; Savage, Kienan I.; Zhang, Shu-Dong; O'Byrne, Kenneth J.; Richard, Derek J.; (2021): COMMD4-mediated chromatin regulation: peptide-mapping and mutagenesis data. Queensland University of Technology. (Dataset) https://doi.org/10.25912/RDF_1627003675622

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