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Avocado growing areas in North Queensland

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This dataset consists of polygons of avocado growing areas in Queensland which was compiled from data from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry maps within their document, Queensland AgTrends 2013–14: Forecasts and trends in Queensland agricultural, fisheries and forestry production. These maps were based on 2005-06 data, local government area (LGA) data from the ABS and at the time of record publication, it is the most up to date data on value or volume of production at the LGA level.

The areas digitised from these maps were then further constrained to a sub dataset of the QLD_LANDUSE_CURRENT_X11 SIR Dataset. This sub dataset is based on the secondary attribute of perennial horticulture and irrigated perennial horticulture. This dataset is used in conjunction with other datasets in the Cube Globe G20 Visualisation Project. It contributes to a presentation of information about tropical growth in agriculture that includes case studies of the Queensland sugar industry, seafood farming and fruit and vegetable exports.

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153.552920,-9.929730 137.994575,-9.929730 137.994575,-29.178588 153.552920,-29.178588 153.552920,-9.929730

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Tropical growth
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