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Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Mobile LiDAR Survey (MLS) QLD

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Mobile Laser Scan (MLS) data collected to create a geo-referenced Pointcloud of TMR road corridors, including road pavement and approximately 10m beyond edge of pavement.

Data collected in variety of locations in Queensland.

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  • List_Mobile_LiDAR_QLD_2014.pdf
  • MobileLiDAR_QLD_2011.pdf
  • MobileLiDAR_QLD_2012.pdf
  • MobileLiDAR_QLD_2013.pdf
  • MobileLiDAR_QLD_2014.pdf

Access rights

Follow link to access. For more information contact Martin Tuckwood.

Location of data collection

138.322265,-16.883053 138.146483,-25.952776 140.958983,-25.873723 140.958983,-29.070254 149.308593,-28.993407 150.011718,-28.299222 151.154296,-28.839541 152.736327,-28.299222 153.527343,-28.144337 153.351561,-25.318870 145.001952,-14.343871 142.523435,-10.649091 140.414060,-17.632854 138.322265,-16.883053

Research areas

Transportation and freight services
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Physical geography and environmental geoscience
Artificial intelligence and image processing
Surveying (incl. Hydrographic Surveying)
Geomatic engineering

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Queensland. Transport and Main Roads (TMR). (2016): Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Mobile LiDAR Survey (MLS) QLD. [Queensland University of Technology]. http://researchdatafinder.qut.edu.au/individual/n16193

Partner institution

Queensland Transport and Main Roads http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/

Data file types

Minimally constrained project Pointcloud (MCPP) in LAS1.2 format. Geoverse udp and uds files. To process/access data: las viewer, Leica cyclone, Topodot.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY)


© Queensland University of Technology, 2016

Dates of data collection

From 2014 to 2014


Name: Mr Martin Tuckwood


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