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QUT Major Open Data Collection (MODC) Project Spatial Data Collection

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This collection is data sets from participant groups in the QUT MODC Project.

Access rights

Collection holds sets with a variety of access levels.

Geographical area of data collection

137.970702,-16.377770 138.058593,-26.189619 140.958983,-26.189619 140.958983,-29.070254 148.605468,-28.916503 149.923827,-28.531127 150.978515,-28.839541 153.615233,-28.376580 153.351561,-24.761464 147.374999,-19.056580 146.144530,-18.890349 145.177733,-14.258704 142.541015,-10.654850 141.398436,-13.063069 140.343749,-17.889538 137.970702,-16.377770

Research areas

Artificial intelligence and image processing
Transportation and freight services

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