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Dr Saul Chemonges

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Dr Chemonges is a veterinary scientist with research interests in animal models of intensive care with a strong translational focus.  He has postgraduate qualifications and experience in veterinary anaesthesia & critical care. He is currently working on a major research project entitled "Towards proteogenomic assay development of critical illness: Learning from injured sheep used as models of intensive care" in collaboration with Dr Pawel Sadowski of the Queensland University of Technology, and Dr Steven Kopp and Prof Paul Mills from the University of Queensland. This project involves the development of methods for the budding Proteomics and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry unit at QUT's Central Analytical Facility (QUT-CARF).

Between Sept 2012 and Aug 2013, Dr Chemonges worked on a project entitled “Critical care management of sheep receiving extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation due to smoke induced acute lung injury and acute sepsis” that was carried out at Queensland University of Technology Medical Engineering Facility (QUT-MERF) under supervision of the School of Medicine, University of Queensland.

Early in his career, Dr Chemonges was appointed assistant lecturer at Makerere University and later joined the University of Queensland to pursue postgraduate veterinary clinical studies. He won an industry prize from Merial (a multinational animal health company) for his publication of the body temperature study that was published in the Australian Veterinary Practitioner Volume 33(2). He was the first person to research and record the risk posed by the Old World Screwworm fly (Chrysomya bezziana) to pet dogs in Hong Kong and its implications on pet dog migration to Australia from that territory (Australian Veterinary Journal;81(4):202-5). His work on the Old World Screwworm fly made international headlines including a special feature of recognition published by the University of Queensland. His recent past engagements include being a staff veterinarian for the Critical Care Research Group and animal technician at QUT-MERF.


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