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Ali Mohammad Pourkhesalian

PhD candidate
Science and Engineering Faculty
School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering
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Ali is currently a PhD candidate and researcher at the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH) and the Biofuel Engine Research Facility (BERF) at the Queensland University of Technology. Ali is working on the physical and chemical properties of particulate matter in diesel exhaust caused by the combustion of different biodiesels.

Ali commenced his PhD in 2011 in the field of diesel emissions and diesel particulate matter at ILAQH and BERF. His thesis, “Effects of Biodiesel Chemical Composition on The Chemical and Physical Properties of the Primary and Secondary Diesel Particulate Matter”, is currently under review. The study looks into the transportation, transformation and fate of diesel exhaust once it is released into the atmosphere.

Ali completed his Master’s degree in Kajeh Nasir University of Technology (KNTU) in Tehran. He began his Masters in 2006 in the field of internal combustion engine optimisation using variable valve timing. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical engineering in 2004 from Azad University, Tehran.


Research areas

Interdisciplinary engineering
Atmospheric sciences
Atmospheric Aerosols
Automotive Combustion and Fuel Engineering (incl.,Alternative/Renewable Fuels)



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