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Sirisha Tadimalla

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I am currently working on a research project in the area of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of articular cartilage. I shall design and conduct experiments to study molecular interactions in cartilage using MRI. At present, I am designing pulse sequences on a Bruker NMR spectroscopy/micro-imaging system to image cartilage samples.

I have a strong understanding of Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques. I also have practical knowledge of Siemens DICOM and Varian FDF MRI images and metadata, Digital image processing and analysis, and an understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

I am interested in medical imaging physics, magnetic resonance Imaging and pre-clinical and clinical research of complex diseases like osteoarthritis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases using MRI and other imaging modalities.

Research areas

Medical imaging
Medical devices
Biomedical engineering