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N2O emissions from cotton crop, Kingsthorpe, Queensland, Australia 2009-10

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This dataset represents soil N2O fluxes from cotton that were monitored over one season with an automated measuring and analysis system allowing for a high temporal resolution. Emissions were measured from different irrigation intesities according to the following experimental set up: 3 different irrigation treatments: Fully-irrigated (I-50%): The crop was irrigated when 50% of the plant available water capacity (PAWC) is depleted; Deficit-irrigated 1 (I-60%): The crop was irrigated when 60% of the PAWC is depleted; Deficit-irrigated 3 (I-85%): The crop was irrigated when 85% of the PAWC is depleted. N2O emissions were measured with the closed chamber method with 3 replicates per treatment for the period from November 2009 to May 2010.

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Geographical area of data collection

Kingsthorpe, Queensland, Australia
northlimit=-27.394544; southlimit=-27.566365; westlimit=151.677089; eastLimit=151.958097; projection=WGS84


Van Zwieten, Lukas, Kimber, Stephen, Morris, S., Downie, Adriana, Berger, E., Rust, Josh, & Scheer, Clemens (2010) Influence of biochars on flux of N2O and CO2 from Ferrosol. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 48(6 - 7), pp. 555-568. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/SR10004
Grace, Peter, Rowlings, David, Rochester, Ian, Kiese, Ralf, & Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus (2010) Nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated cotton soils of northern Australia. In Gilkes, R & Prakongkep, N (Eds.) Soil Solutions for a Changing World: proceedings of the 19th World Congress of Soil Science, 1 - 6 August 2010, Australia. http://eprints.qut.edu.au/37658/

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Earth sciences
Atmospheric sciences
irrigation intensity

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From 2009-11-01 to 2010-05-31


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