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Analysis of rainfall and stream hydrology at Samford Valley

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This dataset lists rainfall and stream hydrograph analysis at Samford Valley in an Adobe PDF file. 

The Samford Valley has a subtropical climate, which is typical of South East Queensland.  Moist, unstable and subtropical maritime air flows in from the Pacific Ocean.  Surface air is warm and marked instability characterises the pressure field which leads to strong vertical motion of the lower layers of the atmosphere to induce condensation.  Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms result.  The data illustrates the mean monthly rainfall at Samford and highlights the dominance of summer rainfall.  Stream hydrographs from 1966-2005 were examined and annual baseflow indices were calculated.  These figures are included.

Access rights

For permission to re-use this dataset, please contact Marco Fahmi. Email: h.fahmi@uq.edu.au

Geographical area of data collection

Samford Ecological Research Facility Samford Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
northlimit= -27.386; southlimit= -27.394; westlimit= 152.870; eastlimit= 152.883; projection= WGS84

Research areas

Soil sciences
Environmental science and management
Stream hydrology

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Fahmi,Marco. (2016): Analysis of rainfall and stream hydrology at Samford Valley. [Queensland University of Technology]. https://doi.org/10.4225/09/585739d684446

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From 2010-01-01 to 2011-01-31


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David Payne  (Researcher)
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Jason Wimmer  (Researcher)
Peter Grace  (Researcher)


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