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False-colour spectrograms: Gympie and Woondum National Park

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This dataset contains 796 false-colour spectrogram images, one for each of the 398 days from the two audio recordings sites Gympie and Woondum National Park. These spectrograms were produced using the software analysis programs see Towsey, M., Truskinger, A., & Roe, P. (2017) Audio Analysis Software (Version 16.06.3430.0) [Computer software]. Brisbane: QUT Ecoacoustics Research Group.

These 24-hour false colour spectrograms (Towsey, M., Zhang, L., Cottman-Fields, M., Wimmer, J., Zhang, J., & Roe, P. (2014). Visualization of long-duration acoustic recordings of the environment. Procedia Computer Science, 29, 703-712. doi:10.1016/j.procs.2014.05.063) are representations of the the acoustic events occurring across each 24-hour period (midnight to midnight) in the continuous audio recordings from the 22 June 2015 and 23 July 2016 at the two recording sites. Each image is 1440 pixels wide and 668 pixels high. The 1440 horizontal pixels represent the number of minutes in one day. There is one vertical pixel for each frequency bin. Each vertical pixel represents 43.07 Hz, there are 256 frequency bins to cover the frequency range of 0 to 11.025 kHz. Each image has three spectral acoustic indices mapped to the red, green and blue channels of the image.

The three spectral acoustic indices mapped to red, green and blue in the top image is the Acoustic Complexity Index (ACI), Temporal Entropy (ENT) and Events per second (EVN). The three spectral acoustic indices mapped to the red, green and blue in the bottom image is Background Noise (BGN), Power (POW) and Spectral Peak Tracks (SPT).

The time scale at the base of the top and bottom images has ticks marked at every 30 minutes, however these images can also be read to the nearest minute. There are alternating horizontal black and white dots at a spacing of 3 minutes apart which makes the determination of the exact minute possible.

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152.700880,-26.055020 152.722338,-26.055020 152.722338,-26.069361 152.700880,-26.069361 152.700880,-26.055020
152.786247,-26.260927 152.830536,-26.260927 152.830536,-26.292943 152.786247,-26.292943 152.786247,-26.260927


Yvonne Phillips research is primarily concerned with the visualisation of long-duration environmental audio recordings. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/view/person/Phillips,_Yvonne.html

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long-duration audio recording
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