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Ecosounds is a repository of environmental audio recordings. The repository contains information and audio recording annotations for fauna that make human-audible sounds. The repository includes recordings from a wide range of environments and are available for use by ecologists and other parties interested in conservation.

Ecosounds is a website that facilitates the management, access, visualization, and analysis of environmental acoustic data. It uses the Acoustic Workbench software which is open source and available from GitHub. The website is run by the QUT Ecoacoustics Research Group to support bioacoustics and ecoacoustics research.

Access rights

Access to the data is by request via the Ecosounds webpage.

Geographical area of data collection

107.613519,-8.655848 163.336176,-8.655848 163.336176,-48.740894 107.613519,-48.740894 107.613519,-8.655848

Research areas

Other information and computing sciences
Biological sciences
Pattern recognition and data mining
Fauna vocalisation
Artificial intelligence and image processing
Information systems
Ecological applications
Computer science

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Towsey, Michael; Truskinger, Anthony; Cottman-Fields, Mark; Roe, Paul (2018): Ecosounds. Queensland University of Technology. (Dataset) http://doi.org/10.17616/R3QR5S

Related information

Ecosounds listing in re3data.org https://www.re3data.org/repository/r3d100012765
https://research.ecosounds.org/ QUT Ecoacoustics Research Group

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Has association with
Acoustic Workbench  (Source code)
QUT Ecoacoustics  (Group)
SERF Acoustic Study data annotations  (Research data set)
SERF Acoustic Study raw audio data  (Research data set)
Has chief investigator
Paul Roe  (Researcher)
Is managed by
Anthony Truskinger   (Researcher)
Jason Wimmer  (Researcher)
Jie Xie  (Researcher)
Jinglan Zhang  (Researcher)
Liang Zhang   (Researcher)
Mark Cottman-Fields  (Researcher)
Mark Vandeberg   (Researcher)
Meriem Ferroudj   (Researcher)
Michael Towsey  (Researcher)
Paul Roe  (Researcher)
Phil Eichinski  (Researcher)
QUT Ecoacoustics  (Group)
Xueyan Dong   (Researcher)
Is output of
Open Ecoacoustics  (Project)
QUT Ecoacoustics  (Group)


Name: Professor Paul Roe
Phone: +61 7 3138 9323


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